Silence is of the gods; monkeys chatter. - Buster Keaton

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In May of 1922 Natalie became pregnant with the couple’s second child. Location shooting began on “Our Hospitality” in July. By all accounts, they had never been happier. The film was a huge hit with audiences.

After their son, Robert, was born in February 1923, Natalie moved Buster out of their bedroom, never to return.

Why did she do this? Why did he stay?

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nogush asked: lol i want buster keaton and harold lloyd on the same time! i can't choose between them! by the way, what is your real name? nogush is just a nickname, my name is noga, its a hebrew name and it stands for venus

Hello Noga!

I’m sure you are as lovely as your name. I admire you for always saying what’s on your mind. My own daughter, who just turned eighteen, is much the same way.

My name is Tracy - my mother was a big fan of Spencer Tracy, hence my moniker. 

Some of your questions do surprise me, although I’m not as prudish as I may sound. I’m just from an era when we didn’t share quite so openly. I did write a fan-fiction novel about Buster and it has some sex in it, but I’m a bit hesitant to go full-tilt-tumblr, as it were, on my blog.

You sure do make me laugh, though. Thanks!

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nogush asked: i want buster when i'm on all four on the floor! haha

nogush, you’re hilarious!

I’m sure Buster would be happy to oblige.

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nogush asked: i expeceted a dirty answer just like my question! do u have a dirty answer? lol


Buster and me mud-wrestling?

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nogush asked: pick a position for u and buster!

Buster as a director and me as a screenwriter working on a silent version of “Some Like It Hot”.

Anything further might be an im-position. 

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nogush asked: hahaha by the way! do u love harold lloyd? he was hot as hell! and i'm here to make everyone blush! that's my job!

You’re doing a great job of that nogush.

Harold was adorable, a hard worker and truly funny. I respect the stunt work he was able to accomplish with half a hand missing. My favorite film of his is “The Freshman”. 

But to be honest, I save all my love for Buster. Apart from him being gorgeous, I find his films edgier, his life story more compelling, and he was a man of great generosity and humility. He also had a three act career (vaudeville, film and t.v.), something no other silent film star accomplished. 

For me, he’s the whole package (no prurience intended).

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nitrateglow asked: Aside from Buster's stuff, what are some of your other favorite silent films?

I don’t have a vast knowledge. I’ve only been exposed to the prominent ones that everyone knows, but I find Lon Chaney very moving in everything I’ve seen of him. I also like Lilian Gish. I think “The Wind” is beautiful. “The Crowd” and “Sunrise” are lovely to watch.