Silence is of the gods; monkeys chatter. - Buster Keaton

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Just saw The Passionate Plumber



It was— actually kind of good!

I was shocked; this is the first of Buster’s talkies that I actually laughed at. Sure, it’s no Sherlock Jr, or even a Three Ages, but it sure as hell wasn’t a Free and Easy either!

Buster’s character is actually smart; the old determination…

This is my favorite Keaton MGM talkie even though it’s marred by the annoying presence of Jimmy Durante and his incessant chatter. There are truly funny sequences: the duel, the casino, breakfast in bed. Keaton demonstrates the relentless quality that makes his character shine and he’s not weighted down with dialogue. The lines he does have are delivered perfectly and work in the narrative; there’s even a nice catch phrase that proves “… loves sweetest meanings are unspoken.”   

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Twentieth Annual Buster Keaton Convention in Muskegon, Michigan. The photos were taken during the walking tour of the Actor’s Colony in Bluffton.  The top photo is of participants of the baseball game played on Buster’s boyhood field. The next three pics are at the location of Buster’s home (the original house is gone). The next is portly me standing in front of a house that put a “Welcome Damfinos” sign in the window. The last is a merchant ship that plied it’s trade in Muskegon waters before 1912. I wonder how many times Buster as a boy took note of its passing.

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